Hi! I'm Missy Wilreker, and welcome to this new place for me to write and express. Thank you so much for reading and for your interest in what I write. This is a new endeavor for me, so let's see how it goes!

I was at Women Drummer's International - Born To Drum Camp 2011 and wandered into the "Writing as Ritual" class led by Odilia in the Spirit Lodge. Little did I know that the quick poems I wrote that afternoon, I would end up reading on stage at the open mic to such an ENTHUSIASTIC reception!

So many people encouraged me to continue writing and it FELT SO DARNED GOOD I am inspired to continue this adventure.

Feel free to comment on the poems, or give "prompt" suggestions to write upon as I am always awake and listening for what might inspire a flow of words and feelings.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Three of us sitting there,
Not knowing what to say
stunned by the moment
we find ourselves

The vast emptiness between us
is like a
dinosaur in the room.
It's presence is known to all of us;
and pretending it's not there
seems like the safest

Time ticks by,
seconds slowly marching
and nothing
is said.

The building anxiety makes me
bubbling up underneath
it all
like a fountain
ready to explode.

When was the time that
this was easy?
There is so much to say
and nothing comes out.

I fantasized about this meeting
for so long.
What I would say.
How he would respond.
The ending that
could be possible.

But now,
what's here in the air
is thick.
Some would say
like pea soup.

And what I dreamed could be
now seems
to attain.

(from a dream - use the words: presence, dinosaur, nauseous, fantasize, fountain - 8/11)

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